About Us

Alternative Equity Partners A/S is a leading investment manager of alternative investment solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and offer best-in-class investments across alternative asset classes to professional investors.

Our Principles

Independence: We develop our own investment solutions for the benefit of our investors.

Transparency:  Performance-based remuneration model based on absolute returns ensures an appropriate incentive structure.

Integrity: Integrity permeates our organisation and how we do business.

Our Role

Platform: Our key role is to evaluate the universe of investment opportunities and structure investment solutions across alternative asset classes.

Criteria: The asset class must be attractive from a structural or a cyclical point of view.

Collaboration: Broad investment experience ensures a solid foundation, and where relevant, we collaborate with external specialists.

Our Purpose

Exposure: We offer exposure to relevant and often difficult to access asset classes and investment opportunities.

Diversification: Returns on alternative asset classes often have low correlation to traditional capital markets investments such as equities and bonds; thus, the overall portfolio risk can be reduced.

Return: The overall risk-adjusted returns from alternative investments are often very attractive as investors benefit from complexity and illiquidity premia.

Morten Windfeldt

CEO, Partner

Lars Tønnesen

Managing Director, Partner

Erik Andersen

Fund Manager

Jeppe Blirup

Fund Manager

Ulrik Smith Johansen

Heaf of Sales

Steffen Stæhr


Signe Kjær Hansen

Chief Financial Officer

Emel Pehlivan


Hatun Dagidir


Anders Markvardt

Legal Counsel

Marlene Toft

Legal Counsel

Andreas Wetche Skov


Patrick Nielsen



Alternative Equity Partners manages investment solutions across alternative asset classes, such as private equity, hedge funds, real estate and development, construction finance, renewable energy and technology.

We often partner with external specialists in connection with the launch of new investment funds. Examples of these are:

  • Real Estate / Construction Finance (Bloch Property Management)
  • Renewable Energy (Momentum Group)
  • Technology (Promentum Capital)

In addition, the investment team, which on average has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services sector, has a wealth of experience investing in alternative credit funds, insurance linked securities, infrastructure and real assets.

Fund of Hedge Funds

We have invested in hedge funds since 2008.

Fund of Private Equity Funds

We offer access to private equity via our own fund of funds as well as thematic funds in partnership with HQ Capital.

Alternative Credit

We expect to launch an alternative credit fund of funds in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Real Estate

We have invested in real estate since 2010 in partnership with Bloch Property Management.

Construction Finance

We have provided construction finance since 2012 in partnership with Bloch Property Management.

Renewable energy

We have invested in renewable energy projects since 2014 in partnership with Momentum Group.

Technology Growth Equity

We have in close partnership with Promentum Capital, launched a technology fund in 2016.